Joost Klein incident: The case has now been passed on to the prosecutor

Joost Klein incident: The case has now been passed on to the prosecutor

The Dutch artist Joost Klein didn’t appear at the rehearsals on Friday. Swedish police investigates Joost Klein incident. Voting has been delayed

10:44 CEST

The case has now been passed on to the prosecutor

Joost Klein has been interrogated by the Swedish police after a complaint. The complaint was filed by a female TV employee, who says she was threatened by Klein. That incident is said to have taken place Thursday night. The complaint was filed yesterday.

Police say Joost Klein was interrogated late last night. The person who filed the complaint has also been interrogated. The case has now been passed on to the prosecutor. He will determine what will happen to it. The settlement of the case may take weeks.

source: NOS


10:05 CEST

Dutch broadcasters meeting with the EBU this morning

This morning a meeting will take place between the Dutch broadcasters NOS and AVROTROS and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) about Joost Klein’s participation.

Frederieke Leeflang, head of NOS, arrived at Joost Klein’s hotel in Malmö this morning. The visit had already been planned, but has now taken on a different meaning.

09:25 CEST

Eurovision voting delayed

The international viewers from countries that do not participate in this year’s Eurovision have the opportunity to vote as part of “Rest of the World”.

Viewers in those countries have, according to the rules, 24 hours to cast their vote, starting from Friday at 21:00 CEST.

But this morning the message on the voting homepage still says:

“The opening of the Rest of the World vote has been postponed until an ongoing investigation regarding the Dutch participant has been concluded. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

00:42 CEST

Swedish police involved in investigation

The Swedish police are involved in the investigation into an incident surrounding Joost Klein, according to Swedish broadcaster SVT.

There are no charges at the moment, a police spokesman tells SVT. “But we are on site and are conducting investigative measures to see what happened.”

10 MAY 2024, 20:33 CEST

Joost Klein will not perform during Friday’s Jury Rehearsal

EBU has released the following:

The investigation into the incident with the Dutch artist in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest is still ongoing. Discussions are also taking place between the EBU and AVROTROS, the Dutch participating broadcaster.

While the investigation continues the EBU has decided that Joost Klein will not perform during Dress Rehearsal 2 of the competition which is voted on by juries in the 37 participating countries.

His performance from Semi Final 2 will be used instead.

10 May 2024, 18:00 CEST

Joost Klein unfollows Eurovision, deletes stories

Joost Klein has stopped following the official Eurovision account on Instagram. The singer also removed all his stories on Instagram about Thursday night at the Malmö Arena.

10 MAY 2024, 15:08 CEST

EBU Statement

“We are currently investigating an incident that was reported to us involving the Dutch artist. He will not be rehearsing until further notice. We have no further comment at this time and will update in due course.”

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